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Who we are

We are a technology and consulting company with dedication and passion in applying innovative solutions to our clients. We specialize in providing fully integrated solution to complex business environments, consulting, data analytics, etc. The company has its main development centers in India, head quartered at Bangalore and branch in Middle East. Our deep experience in Information Technology helps in deriving solutions that simplify your business. For us, customer satisfaction is more than a motto.

The competitive advantage of choosing our products and services

Complete Solution
We render a worthy investment with our product, in which all modules are tightly integrated with each other in order to deliver real business value. Our product align your manufacturing and inventory processes, there by delivers a number of benefits including cost reductions through efficient inventory management, streamlining the production process with established goals, detailed reports on business critical information, ensuring companies meet financial reporting and tax requirement with a single accounting system, enhance financial performance with real-time information, monitor demand, supply, manufacturing status, logistics and distribution in record time, better management of invoicing activities.

Flexible Methods
If you pay big money for an ERP system, then, you would not like to throw it away in four or five years because it can’t be adapted to the new requirements for running the business. Our data structures are designed according to the requirements, and a design may be altered when new requirements occur by our qualified consultants.

Risk Free Project Execution
Selecting the right software and right implementation partner is the key for any ERP implementation. Our expertise and experience in implementing helps you to get out of the best you have brought. A clear project plan and a well-defined project scope with right focus on expected benefits ensure you a risk free ERP implementation. Apart from designing and configuring the system, we invest our time in training your users so that the change is effectively managed.

Data Security & Control
Our online backup feature ensure that your data is safe in case of any unexpected breakdown, mishaps etc. Our security features assure right access to the right user. All applications and reports are secured and only authorized users can use specific applications/reports. Exclusive security features block unauthorized users from accessing the database.

Guaranteed Security
Software consolidations and buyouts are more prevalent than ever, so looking for a support guaranty on your ERP solution is essential. Without a support guaranty, you are at risk for the hidden costs of mandatory upgrades if the publisher decides to discontinue support for your current product or sell the product to another company. We provide bug fixes, periodic releases, enhancements and call-in or online support.

Experienced Team
We have a highly skilled professional team with deep domain experience that brings its unique blend of talent, expertise and experience, ensuring our offerings are uniquely customized to your specific needs. Our team of consultants has expertise in all areas of ERP implementation, reporting, BI etc.

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