Digital Marketing Services at DoFort Technologies


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?
As the world is progressing digitally, companies or small-scale businesses have adapted to newer forms of marketing i.e., Search Engine Optimization. This feature enables you to gain recognition on the search engine by improving your visibility amongst the searched pages on Google, Bing, etc. This can be done by addition of appropriate keywords to your website articles.

Here are a few benefits of SEO feature:

  • Lead Generation
      By the inculcation of appropriate keywords, we can target the right customers for our business and generate a influx of leads for the brand. Along with DoFort Business Enterprise Solution, our company makes sure this very significant aspect of business-making is not left behind.
  • Revenue Generation
      Once the leads have been generated through optimization, we can easily transform those leads into payable customers by reaching out to them. To manage large-scale businesses, we would recommend you have a look at DoFort Retail Enterprise Solution.
  • Brand Awareness
      Greater the optimization of your brand, greater the awareness amongst your audience. Afterall, what is the better way to grow business online if not through Search Engine Optimization? At DoFort, we make sure your brand reigns in the industry and ranks highest.
  • Growth in Business
      The optimization process not only helps you to get to the top on the search page, it also enables an existing and established business to grow further. Generating leads online becomes a fresh source of revenue generation.
  • Growth in Authority and Legitimacy
      Once your brand has reached its zenith, your customer already knows he is buying from the best without having to explain the legitimacy of your brand. Your new position in the market will speak for the quality of your brand. DoFort Analytics makes sure your website operations are smoothly executed.
  • Traffic
      It goes without saying that as soon as the visibility of your page increases, the traffic to your website also increases. Viewership gets a bounce with webpage optimization.

Pay-per-click Advertising

What is Pay-per-click Advertising?
Pay-per-click Advertising enables the company to send out a word for their brand in the market by carrying out advertising campaigns on social media pages (preferably). DoFort services make sure your PPC advertising campaign is conducted at the right places and at the right moments to generate a healthy traffic for your website.

Here are some of the profits of DoFort PPC Advertising services:

  • Influx of customers
      As soon as advertisements for your brand is put out to the public, the incoming customers are bound to increase. At DoFort we make sure the campaigns are well organized and is conducted on a large scale, thus, attracting one and all.
  • Profit-making
      As your customers increase digitally, your profit in the business gains a new platform. We can minimize your existing campaign to spheres which generate active leads and help lower your cost-per-click funding.
  • More Qualified Leads
      We can narrow down your specifications in terms of lead generation based on time of the day, location of targeted audience and demographics of the customers.
  • More Viewership
      Ad campaigns do not only help in optimizing the brand’s reach, it helps greatly in giving your brand an identity in the market. This brand awareness comes through viewership. Our Information Management service can help keep an updated database of all internal operations of the brand.
  • Control over the Campaign
      At any point of time, you have the full authority to further or curb the campaign. According to analytics report and your brand’s success in the market, you can accordingly supervise the campaign and its funding.
  • More Mobile Dealings
      The best part about this is that these campaigns are all digital and therefore can be looked after from anywhere. You can keep a track of your company’s report from your mobile phone or any other handy technological device. Even your customers can be dealt with through your phone.


What is Branding?
At best, branding can be defined as setting the market value of your company through intensive marketing practices. Branding not only gives identity to your services, but also explains for the authenticity of your brand, thus, gaining customer’s trust.

Here are the benefits of choosing DoFort for product branding:

  • Recognition
      At DoFort, we make sure your services gain a name for itself in terms of product popularity. We believe market values can only be raised through recognition in the respective market field.
  • Consistency
      With the responsibility of recognition comes the responsibility of consistency. We make sure your company maintains its market value by continually meeting its brand expectations.
  • Authenticity
      We believe authenticity is the key feature in establishing your brand. We can only get the customers to our side if we make sure the brand gives an expression of authenticity.
  • More Engagement
      Once you gain the trust of viable customers, engagement begins to take place. The customers always trust established brands because the company has managed to leave an impact in the market. Our BPM services are extremely beneficial to develop and deploy business processes.
  • Memorable
      DoFort believes in memorable brand establishment which should occur to the customers as soon as they think of the services delivered by the brand.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?
Before you begin to establish any brand, you need a content marketing team which works at the core of the business. Greater the vibrancy in content, greater the customer attraction. It is very similar to SEO services but here the focus is more on the quality and presentation of content written by our writing experts. Advertisements and brands nowadays sell on the tagline and quirkiness adapted by the company to make the process of buying and selling a thrilling experience.

Here are the benefits of choosing DoFort for Content Marketing:

  • Generates Website Traffic
      If you avail DoFort services for Content Marketing, we will make sure your traffic sufficiently increases in each time frame. In addition to this, you can also opt for our Information Management service to build a strong and recognized network for your company.
  • Creates Brand Awareness
      Content marketing strengthens the credibility of your brand, thus, instantly creating brand awareness.
  • Increases Time Consumption
      As soon as the targeted audience visits your website, the quality of the content will engage them to stay longer and check out all the services available. This way, we create an impressive presentation for our first-time customers.
  • Generates Active leads
      From the analytic reports, we can understand the probability of active leads from the amount of time customers spend in reading our website’s content.
  • Customer-friendly
      We can easily customize your brand into a customer-friendly zone by curating content which is relatable and vibes with the needs of our targeted customers.
  • Optimizes SEO
      The best part about wise content creation is that it further optimizes SEO reach.

Web Designing

What is Web Designing?
Modern business tactics include creating a web-design for your page which is not only attractive and engaging for a first-time visit, but also inculcates the message of the company’s efficiency. DoFort Technologies has elaborate services to give your webpage the much-needed glamour to intensify its value in the market.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Generate Traffic
      An attractive web-design is sure to generate the required traffic. Be it for property management or for healthcare services, we have got your back Jack! We are always updated with our trendy tools to give your webpage a complete renovation.
  • Traffic Conversion
      Converting the driven traffic to active leads will now be easier because the targeted customer will now have a better understanding of your brand and will likely invest in your services.
  • Revenue Generation
      Greater the traffic, greater the revenue generated. Brand presentation is pivotal in selling the business’s name.
  • Establishing Authority
      DoFort will make sure your website is designed in such a way that it leaves a mark in the competitive business line, establishing you as a trustworthy brand.
  • Steady Engagement
      The website’s design should be such that it makes the customer comfortable enough to engage with the employees with ease.
  • Feasibility
      The design not only helps the customers to understand the services, it also helps the employees to function smoothly online and offline. The more organized the web-design is, greater the feasibility for both customers and employees.

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is the latest and most efficient form of marketing available there is. Companies have adapted this method of spreading a word for their products and services on weekly, monthly or yearly basis by sending out emailers to the potential customers. DoFort Technologies promises a smooth handling of your email marketing, reaching out to all generated leads. You can also have a glance at our Applications services to deploy email registration columns on your website.

Here are the Email Marketing features offered by DoFort:

  • Emailers
      A strong and well-developed business functions on the steady flow of emails which keeps the targeted audience (including viewers) in close contact with the brand’s development. These emailers are generally sent out on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Business Expansion
      Email Marketing is an asset for business developers. Email campaigns helps to maintain contact with our existing as well new customers. Depending on the company’s analytics report, we can even send out emails to our viewers and convert them into active leads.
  • Mobile Optimization
      Email marketing can be carried out from cellphones too. For those who are operating their business from long distances, can easily connect to their employees and customers through short mails.
  • Analytics Surveillance
      Surveys are often underappreciated or given little or no importance in business development. We believe gathering healthy feedbacks from your clients can help improve the business, as well as open new avenues for unhindered customer engagement.
  • Customer Service
      To have columns embedded in your webpage for customer engagement is a wise way to generate leads. If the customer feels valued, they will surely be inclined to invest in your brand. Our BPM and Applications services can efficiently cater to your needs.
  • Pocket Friendly
      Emailers do not cost anything and benefit the brand thoroughly!

Conversion Optimization

What is Conversion Optimization?
From the viewership your website attains from SEO practices, you can transform these website visitors into viable customers through lead conversion. Otherwise, the viewership will not profit greatly for your brand and business growth will be slow. DoFort Business Enterprise Solution can prove to be the ideal place for business development strategies. Further, our digital marketing team can take the task from there to expand your business digitally.

Here are the benefits for choosing us:

  • Enhanced Click-throughs
      The site’s design and management should be such that the visiting customer stays engaged with the prospect of services offered.
  • Rapid Sale
      Our target would be to generate more leads from our targeted customers so that more and more visiting customers turn into buyers.
  • More Time On-Site
      We ensure you that the design and presentation of your website would be such that it increases the time spent by customers on the website. Thus, converting visits into payable customers.
  • Decreased Abandonment
      The vibrancy of the page created would be enticing enough to further engage the visiting audience and not let them bounce back from the page.
  • Return on Investment
      Only influx of customers won’t profit your brand thoroughly, you need conversions to steadily improve on your rate of interest.
  • Reduce in Bounce Rate
      We will give it our best to not let the customers go astray or click on the ‘back’ button as a sign of disinterest.

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing is the simplest and most efficient method to expand your business online and create a stronger network with your potential customers. It makes engagement easy and feasible for both customers and employees. At DoFort Technologies, we ensure to build a supportive and expandable network for all your services to give your brand the required platform to function effortlessly.

Here are the features we promise to deliver:

  • User Engagement
      Social Media Marketing Bridges the gap between customers and sellers. Thus, our effort will be to enhance communication in this sphere.
  • Advocates
      Once our potential customers are satisfied, they will spread the word about the goodness of your brand and how the brand proved to be reliable.
  • Generate Leads
      If you in urgent need to expand your business online, you can opt for paid ads feature to optimize your brand on social media. We offer commendable services in expanding the reach of your business.
  • Gain Authority
      We can engage with the customers directly and answer their frequent questions to leave an impact in the market.
  • Add Fun
      With fun activities and engaging activities, we can further create a name for the brand in the market.
  • Enhance Marketing Power
      We ensure to keep your website fun and engaging with weekly newsletters on the products and healthy one-on-one sessions with the audience.